5 Tips to Make Your Favourite Scent Last Longer

Spray your perfume right after your shower or before you get dressed.

When your skin is still a little damp after your shower, spray on your favourite scent. As your skin dries it locks in the perfume and prolongs your scents life.

Jenny Glow Tips

Applying moisturiser before the perfume.

Like we said above, having something like moist skin for the perfume to hold onto is a fantastic base.

Making Jenny Glow Last Longer

Don't pat or rub the perfume into your skin straight after spraying it.

We are all guilty of rubbing our wrists together, it's complete habit at this stage, but in doing so we are disturbing the top notes in our perfume, meaning your scent won’t last as long. 

How to use Jenny Glow Frangrances

Targeting pulse points and the warm areas on your body.

Places like the neck, wrists, inside the elbows, backs of knees are ideal spots for getting the most out of your scent. The heat in such places will help the scent diffuse throughout the day.

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Using both the body lotion and fragrance together.

This might seem obvious, but if you feel like you really aren’t getting enough hours out of your perfume, try pairing it with the body lotion of the same scent. We have gift sets which include both the body lotion and a perfume.